Baby bottle filled with milk and placed in a baby bottle warmer, with 3 empty baby bottles next to it on a table

Best Baby Bottle Warmers In 2020: To Help Feed Your Little One Quickly!

Sometimes, nothing seems to satisfy baby’s desires and draw that smile back on their face after a long bout of crying, screaming and clenching their fists in the air like a bottle of warm milk.

Especially if this is during the middle of the night when you’re awaken by your baby’s screeches – boy oh boy is a bottle of warm milk quite the lifesaver! It gets them back to sleep as soon as possible, after which you can get back to your safe and sound sleep as well.

And the good news is, warming your baby’s bottles doesn’t have to be a tedious chore (as you might often hear other moms in your circle complain about).

Baby bottle filled with milk and placed in a baby bottle warmer, with 3 empty baby bottles next to it on a table

While using some of the old school, outdated methods to heat one of your baby’s bottles will certainly drain your energy and take its toll on you sooner rather than later, know that it doesn’t have to be like that in this day and age.

If you’re looking to simplify your life one mundane task at a time, be sure to take a look at what we believe to be some of the best bottle warmers on the market today. Saying that they’re lifesavers is an understatement!

Best Baby Bottle Warmers – A Quick Look At Our Top 7 Recommendations

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Best Baby Bottle Warmers – A More Detailed Look Into Our Top 7 Recommendations

In this section, we’ll have a closer look into what we believe to be the best baby bottle warmers of today, and why each of these options is a worthy consideration.

Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer

We’ve all been there. Baby is hungry but the milk is still too cold. With every second that passes, the cries become louder and the little one more difficult to console. This is where handy food warmers like this come in.

It’s a known fact that the more a baby cries for their food, the more difficult it becomes for them to eat once the milk is ready. Investing in a good bottle warmer can considerably cut this waiting time – and the uncalled for hunger cries.

The sleek-looking Philips Avent bottle warmer warms milk quickly and – more importantly – evenly.

Heating in a microwave, whilst quick, leaves hot and cold spots in the milk that can be dangerous for your baby. This baby food warmer circulates the milk whilst heating, ensuring that it’s all evenly warm in the end.

It also has a defrost setting for preparing stored breast milk and baby food.

The warmer can be used with most bottle brands, and not just Avent. It also easily fits sippy cups and baby food jars.


  • Heats up milk in 3 minutes.
  • Easy to use, with clear dials.
  • Compact, perfect for use on a small counter or nightstand.


  • Warmer does not have an inbuilt timer so it doesn’t switch off automatically once milk has been heated.
  • Residue may build up within the warmer if the water is not frequently emptied.

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Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer

How many times have you prepared a heavenly-smelling cup of coffee, only to forget about it whilst tending to the baby? Most of us are guilty as charged – and there ensues the frantic heating in the microwave because, well, coffee is a must when sleep is on the low!

The mom-brain is real when functioning on so little rest, and it’s super easy to forget things when there are a million and other matters to tend to.

This is where the Dr. Brown Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer comes in. Whereas a number of bottle warmers rely on your good memory to actually switch off, this Dr. Brown model automatically switches off after eight minutes.

Not only so, but it also features a cycle memory that repeats your preferred heating time for perfectly heated milk, every time.

The warmer comes with a detachable refillable water container, the contents of which lasts for more than one heating. It also comes with an adjustable baby bottle basket for optimal heating of bottles or containers of different heights.


  • Quick serve bottle warmer. Warms bottles and food jars quickly.
  • Switches off automatically.


  • Ideal for Dr. Brown bottles, but does not fit all other bottle brands – so it may or may not be compatible with the bottles you have.
  • Requires distilled water.
  • Can be a bit tricky to clean for some.

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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Portable Travel Baby Bottle Warmer

Heading out the door with a baby in tow can be quite a feat. It seems there’s no end on the list of things to pack and prepare for a smooth, stress-free outing. Having some nifty gadgets to see you through the day helps you prevent the meltdowns, though.

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Portable travel bottle warmer is a great addition to any diaper bag and makes an ideal baby shower gift.

The warmer comes with a stainless steel thermal flask that stores hot water which you can then pour into a plastic container for warming up your baby’s bottle or food jar when on the go.

The flask’s secure lid is also an excellent feature, as it protects from leaks and spills and general messes in your bag.

The warmer was made for Tommee Tippee bottles, but due to its comfortable width, can fit most bottles on the market today.

It’s also ideal as a breastmilk warmer, too. There’s no worrying that the water will turn cold. The flask can retain water hot for over 11 hours and is extremely durable.


  • Fits easily in a diaper bag
  • Perfect for both on the go use and at home
  • Renders electric warmers for at home use, optional
  • Can be used with the majority of bottle brands on the market today
  • Easy to clean


  • The plastic container does not come with a lid. Can be dangerous if left next to baby once filled with hot water.
  • Care must be taken to ensure that the lid on the flask is closed securely.

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Munchkin High Speed Bottle Warmer

The Munchkin Bottle Warmer is a godsend when the baby’s hungry and time is of the essence.

Unlike other products on the market, this warmer provides (or at least promises to provide) perfectly heated milk in just 90 seconds with the added benefit of preventing the loss of nutrients, as microwaving can do.

It works with a steam warming system that prevents hot spots in the milk and comes with a simple on and off switch.

Multitasking and parenthood are very much intertwined. Thanks to its inbuilt alarm sound and automatic shut off, you can safely attempt other tasks whilst the milk heats up without risking a bottle at boiling point.

This high speed bottle warmer also comes with a measuring cup so as to be sure you are using the right amount of water for consistent warming.


  • Super fast warming when time is imperative.
  • Can be used for diverse bottle brands.
  • Great for middle of the night feeds.


  • Warmer sometimes lets off hot steam and may damage any cupboards or items placed on top.
  • Has to be cleaned frequently to prevent build-up.
  • Whilst the product comes with a measuring cup, it requires some trial and error before finding the ideal amount of water needed for safely heating.
  • It’s easier to mess things up and end up with a scalding hot bottle than other warmers out there, so check before giving to baby.

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Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer

Super proud of your stash of liquid gold safely stored in the freezer? You have every right to be! Pumping takes time and energy – the last thing you need is spoiled milk!

Finding a baby food warmer specifically made for breast milk ensures that you’re safely heating it the optimal way (or are on the right track to doing so, at least). Whilst not very common, the Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk warmer is one such option.

Researched and developed to gently thaw and warm breast milk according to CDC and USDA guidelines, you can rest assured that your baby is getting the best.

It works by creating a flowing warm water bath to quickly – yet gently – warm breast milk in a way that is both safe and easy.

It uses convective heating rather than steam, meaning that the warming temperature is kept at a low, thereby ensuring that your precious breast-milk retains all of its nutrients.

Unlike other warmers, there’s no need to measure the amount of water needed for the reservoir, nor does it require the addition of water with each use.

It also comes with an inbuilt timer giving you a clear picture of how much time is left before the milk is ready to be given to the baby. Once the milk has been warmed up, the warmer shuts off.


  • Ideal for thawing and warming breast milk in a safe and easy manner.
  • Can also be used for formula and food jars.
  • Cleans easily.


  • The timer and the heating element tend to have a fairly short use life. Not the most ideal if you wish to have a long-lasting product, especially if planning to use for future siblings.

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Munchkin Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer

Dreading an upcoming road trip? Not particularly fond of endless stops for nappy changes and feeds whilst on a long trip? Well, warming up the little one’s milk should not be an issue. Not with this car bottle warmer, anyways!

Whoever came up with this idea is – simply put – nothing short of genius. This bottle warmer efficiently plugs into car adapter outlets and warms up formula and breast milk quickly and evenly.

There’s no more risk of scalding from vacuum flasks filled with boiling water or waiting for milk to warm up in highway rest areas.

This travel warmer comes with an easy to use adapter that lights up for better use at night. Thanks to its flexible heating band, it can be used with the majority of bottle brands.


  • Fully portable, perfect for road trips.
  • Does not make use of boiling water to heat up milk.


  • Does not fit all standard car plugs – may require an additional adapter sometimes.
  • Planning ahead is a must as it takes quite long to heat up milk. Not efficient if you have a very hungry baby to deal with, one that needs to eat on the spot.

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The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler

Waking up in the middle of the night, making your way to the kitchen, preparing a bottle of formula or reaching for your stack of breastmilk can be brutal on the best of days. The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer and Cooler is here to make your life simpler and easier, though.

Thanks to its heating and cooling technology, you can safely prepare your baby’s milk without leaving the warm comfort of your bedroom or the nursery.

Thanks to a removable cooler attached to the warmer, this nifty product allows you to prepare formula or breastmilk before heading off to bed and to easily warm it up once baby wakes up for her feed.

The cooler can hold two bottles and stays cool overnight, ensuring that your whole night is sorted without any half-asleep trekking around the house.

The warmer can efficiently heat up formula, breast milk and even comes with a basket insert to warm up baby food jars. Middle of night feedings are made even easier with its auto shut-off for added safety. Both the warmer and cooler can be used with the majority of bottle brands – although not all of them.

What’s more, thanks to a lid that comes with the inbuilt basket, it can also be used to sterilize pacifiers.


  • A two-in-one solution for cooling and warming up bottles.
  • Perfect for night time feeds.
  • Does not take long to heat milk up.


  • Not suggested for use with glass bottles.
  • The heating element does not have a long use life.
  • Does not fit all major bottle brands.

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Do I Really Need To Warm My Baby’s Milk?

If you’re a first time parent without much experience in feeding babies before, the first thing you should know if you’re planning to bottle feed your little one is that they will prefer their milk warm – not cold.

Now of course, there’s no health risk associated with feeding your baby cold milk from a bottle. It’s not like milk automatically turns into a factory of harmful germs and bacteria when it’s not warm.

It’s just that your baby is much more likely to give you a hard time drinking cold breast milk or formula.

Think about it for a second here, when you directly breastfeed your baby, is your breast milk cold or warm? It’s naturally warm.

That’s how nature intended it to be, and that’s the path you should also continue on when bottle feeding instead of directly breastfeeding.

If you’ve tried taking out a bottle of frozen milk from the freezer, let it thaw in the fridge overnight, gave it to your baby for a feeding session the next day and noticed they didn’t mind the cold at all, then that’s perfectly fine – you don’t need to use a bottle warmer in that case.

Keep An Eye Out For Digestive Problems

Just make sure that having them drink cold milk is not causing any digestive problems whatsoever.

A baby’s body is in a constant battle to keep its temperature regulated, and this is especially true when the baby is still very young (less than 12 months of age).

If you give your baby a bottle of milk right out of the fridge without warming it up first, there’s a good chance that they’ll get stomach aches and experience digestive problems because of the difference in their body temperature and that of the milk they’re drinking.

Am I Stuck With Only Using Bottle Warmers?

Bottle warmers are also not the only method you can use to warm your baby’s bottles – you can do that perfectly fine by making use of a bowl of hot water that you empty the bottle’s components in.

The beauty of bottle warmers, though, is how easy they make this entire process.

Using old fashioned ways like bowls of hot water is very tedious and time consuming, and not all parents have the time and energy to invest in this on an ongoing basis.

So, in this day and age where we all live busy lives and have hectic schedules, bottle warmers are your best option to get your baby’s bottles properly warmed as fast as possible so that you can scratch this off your to-do list and get to the next item on there.

Can’t I Just Use A Microwave?

You may be asking yourself “what do I need a bottle warmer for? I have a microwave in the kitchen, why can’t I used that to warm my baby’s bottle?”.

You should never warm your baby’s bottle of formula milk or breast milk in the microwave, no matter what.

First of all, the microwave does a terrible job in evenly warming all of the bottle’s contents. Some areas will be left still relatively cold, while the milk in other areas will become way too warm.

And, if that’s not enough, there’s also a good chance that your baby’s mouth will get burnt in certain area(s).

We do understand where you’re coming from with that question, though, because let’s face it – taking care of babies with all the equipment and accessories they require is definitely not cheap!

Can’t I Just Use Hot Tap Water?

Technically speaking, yes – you can warm your baby’s bottle with tap water. All you’ll have to do is run warm or hot tap water over it for a few minutes until it gets to the temperature you want it to be (and you know your baby likes).

Is this a practical method to warm up your baby’s bottles, though? Definitely not.

First of all, think about all the tap water you’ll be using just for this one purpose. It’s enough resources being wasted on heating just one bottle a day, so think about the resources you’d be wasting when heating up to 6, 9 or even 12 bottles a day.

This is pretty bad as far as water preservation is concerned.

Not to mention the fact that it’s also quite difficult for you to achieve that perfect temperature by leaving warm tap water run over your baby’s bottle for several minutes at once.

It’s quite easy for you to overheat it, which will lead to mouth burns as a result.

You should also consider how time consuming warming your bottle with tap water really is. It’s not like there’s any practical way you can automate the process while you do something else in the meantime, you’ll need both hands to get the job done.

A bottle warmer will get the job done on its own while you’re hands-free.

What Should I Look For In Baby Bottle Warmers?

In the following section, we’ll go over the most important features you should look for in any baby bottle warmer before you buy it.

Not Just Bottles

Look for bottle warmers that don’t restrict you to only being able to warm up bottles. Some of the best baby food warmers also allow you to warm frozen breast milk that you previously expressed and stored in the freezer for future use.

You can also use some steam bottle warmers to sterilize your baby’s pacifiers.

Such bottle warmers tend to come with different heating modes you can choose from depending on what you’re warming up/doing at the time.

So, look for bottle warmers that have one mode for warming breast milk, one mode for warming formula, one mode for sterilizing your baby’s pacifiers, etc .. The more options you have to choose from, the merrier.

You should definitely stay away from bottle warmers with only one or two settings for you to choose from, as one setting that may be efficient for doing one job might be terribly inefficient for another.

Bottle Compatibility

Make sure you know what bottles the baby food warmer you’re planning on getting is compatible with.

Some units are only compatible with bottles manufactured by the same brand, while other units are compatible with bottles manufactured by any brand, just as long as the measurements and dimensions are right.

Also make sure you know what type of bottles the machine is compatible with, depending on whether you feed your little one from plastic baby bottles or glass baby bottles.

Just The Right Temperature

Not all bottle warmers make it as easy for you to get that perfect warm temperature that baby loves.

Some of them will make it easier for you to get it wrong and overheat the bottle, leading to burns in your baby’s mouth (and a whole lot of drama and trauma that comes with that!).

You’ll also want to make sure that the bottle warmer you get is able to operate on temperatures that are formula-safe, because formula is known to be more sensitive to high temperatures than breast milk.

Storage Space

One important thing for you to make sure of before you purchase a bottle warmer is that you have enough storage space for it around the house and wherever you plan to keep it.

Some bottle warmers are more compact than others and have you save more space as a result, so keep that in mind.

Timer & Alarm

For any bottle warmer to be deemed efficient and effective, it should have a timer you can set and afterwards leave the machine to do its work on its own without you having to be there.

Once the timer expires, the machine shuts off automatically so that the bottle being warmed does not become overheated in case you’re not around at the time to shut it off yourself.

Of course, it goes without saying that any timer should also have an alarm that alerts you when the warming cycles are over.

You might not need to be around to do anything if the machine is set to automatically shut off once the timer goes off, but it remains nonetheless a very useful feature to have so you can hear when it’s done and always remain on top of everything going on.

Ease Of Cleaning

The easier it is to clean your bottle warmer, the better.

Some baby food warmers will be much easier to clean than others, and this will greatly depend on the way each was designed.

While some people might judge how easy (or difficult) it is to clean a bottle warmer by how many parts you need to take apart, clean and then re-assemble – this is true to some extent, but is not always the case.

For example, one machine might require you to remove more parts than you would prefer to every time you wanted to get it cleaned, but it’s designed to be incredibly easy for you to reach all the required places with minimal effort.

On the other hand, one machine might require you to remove only two or three parts at most to get it cleaned, but it might be designed in a way that makes it incredibly difficult for you to reach (and clean) some areas.

Also, the more cleaning tools you can use that come with your bottle warmer, the better.

Ease Of Use

How easy a bottle warmer is for you to use is also a very important factor you want to consider.

If it’s complicated and there’s one too many settings you have to fiddle around with to get it to work, you’re not likely to have a good experience with it.

Also keep in mind that you’re going to be waking up in the middle of the night at times to warm one of your baby’s bottles, and the last thing any of us need is a challenge to operate something complicated at 2 a.m.

Not all bottle warmers can be operated the same way, each comes with its own set of instructions and directions that you should read, carefully understand and follow so you get the best out of your purchase.

Water Reservoir

One issue not many people really look into before buying a bottle warmer is its water reservoir specifications.

Bottle warmers work by using water that’s stored in the water reservoir – and when this reservoir becomes empty, it needs to be refilled.

Beginning to imagine where we’re getting to?

If you’ll be using your bottle warmer multiple times a day, getting one with a small water reservoir might prove to be a bit too annoying for you because you might have to re-fill it multiple times a day.

Getting one with a large water reservoir, on the other hand, would be more suitable.

If you’re only going to be using your bottle warmer once every now and then, though, you may get by with a small water reservoir.


Depending on where you plan to use it, you should evaluate whether you want to get a portable baby bottle warmer or a counter top baby bottle warmer.

Even though you’ll likely be able to move a counter top bottle warmer around with ease and take it with you wherever you want to, you can’t use it without plugging it into an electrical socket at the time.

Truly portable bottle warmers, on the other hand, can run without electricity – with most requiring batteries to operate properly instead.

Portable bottle warmers are also specifically designed to be able to fit in bags for you to pack and take with you on the go, unlike counter top bottle warmers that are usually bulkier in size and not as easy to fit in.

Getting a portable bottle warmer is especially useful if you’ll be constantly on the road or traveling with your baby.


When baby’s already getting cranky and starting to cry because they’re eager to get their hands (and mouth) on a bottle of theirs, that means they’re already fairly hungry and time is not on your side.

The last thing you need now is a process that takes 20 minutes to warm up a bottle of theirs!

The faster a bottle warmer is able to get one of your baby’s bottles to the desired temperature without causing uneven heated areas or overheating, the better.

Nothing is going to satisfy your starving baby and get them to stop crying other than that bottle of milk, so every less minute counts.

How Do Bottle Warmers Work?

When looking around for the absolute best bottle warmer that money can buy, you’ll likely come across different types that use different methods to achieve the same goal.

Here are the 3 main safely heating methods that different bottle warmers use to get the job done.

Steam Warmers

Steam bottle warmers are probably the most popular, mainly because of how fast they can warm the bottle of milk – faster than the 2 other types, at the very least.

You’ll just have to be careful when using a steam bottle warmer because it’s relatively easier to overheat a bottle than it is with the other slower types.

The faster it is for a bottle warmer to get the job done in less time, the higher the chances of overheating the bottle.

Also, if you use steam to warm your baby’s bottle too fast in an attempt to save up on as much time as you can, this will likely cause the milk to heat unevenly and lead to hot spots that will harm your baby’s mouth and throat.

Water Bath

Bottle warmers that heat via water baths make use of the water present in the chamber.

You should know, though, that water bath bottle warmers work significantly slower than steam bottle warmers, sometimes requiring double the time to get the same amount of work done.

So, if you’re anything like me and you want to get this over with in as little time as possible, a steam bottle warmer is the better option.

With that being said, water bath bottle warmers are generally the safest out of all 3 types, because of how slow it operates when compared to the other 2.

The more time it takes for a bottle warmer to do its work, the less likely it is for overheating to happen.

Combination of Water And Steam

This type of bottle warmer attempts to combine the advantages you get with steam and those you get with water baths.

Heating Your Baby’s Bottles At The Right Temperature

Whatever type and model of baby bottle warmer you end up purchasing, be careful not to heat any bottle at a temperature that’s greater than 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heating at such high temperatures will cause the milk to lose much of its nutrients, which will negatively affect baby’s growth and development.

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