A stack of diapers, placed next to a wooden basket with diapers inside

Best Diaper Caddies In 2020: Have Everything Handy & Stay Organized!

Diaper caddies, also referred to as changing table caddies, diaper stackers or simply a bin for changing table, make changing your baby easy – wherever you are.

Some are designed to be kept at your changing station and are only meant to be used there, either sitting flat on a surface or hanging nearby, while others are more portable and perfect for carrying around the house with you and use in just about any room.

A stack of diapers, placed next to a wooden basket with diapers inside

Diaper caddies are a bit different from diaper bags which you take out of the house with you, so don’t confuse the two for being the same thing or think they’re designed to do the same job. Caddies are open-topped and large, and can store almost everything you would need to deal with the messiest diaper change within easy reach.

There’s a wide variety of different diaper caddies available for you to choose from, ranging from simple and compact solutions to huge ones with lots of compartments to make use of.

Before we get into all of that, though, let’s have a quick look at what we believe to be some of the best diaper caddies of today.

Best Diaper Caddies – A Quick Look At Our Top 6 Recommendations

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Best Diaper Caddies – A More Detailed Look At Our Top 6 Recommendations

Let’s kick things off by taking a more detailed look at some of the best diaper caddies of today, as well as what it is we appreciate about each of these choices, and some potential drawbacks you might want to know about.

Munchkin Portable Diaper Caddy Organizer

What We Like About It:

First things first, if you’re looking for something portable, this caddy is easy to carry around with you and use in just about any room you want at home, or for when you’re headed outside the house. If you need to, you can easily use it in the car when on the go.

Considering that it’s a portable option, it can hold an impressive amount of diapers at once, with other items in there as well. You should be able to fit in 20 to 25 diapers in there comfortably without having to dedicate all the space to just those.

It also comes with a changing pad, which is a very convenient addition in case you don’t already have one at the time. If you do already have a changing pad that you’ve purchased alone, though, you might prefer to use that one if it’s of higher quality.

All in all, this is an excellent option that keeps you from having to go upstairs each and every time a diaper needs to be changed. Make sure you re-fill it properly whenever it’s close to running out of an item, though, and you’ll love how easy it makes you life when carrying around the house.

What You Should Be Aware Of:

This caddy can’t be machine washed, which might be a deal breaker for some of you. With that being said, cleaning it is a breeze – and all you’ll need is a wipe to clean it from both the inside and outside.

It also can’t be folded and stored when not being used, which might be a bit of an inconvenience for parents looking to save space around the house.

As for those of you looking for major storage space, this option is not the largest, so you might want to look for something else if you know you’ll need more pockets and compartments to store items in.

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Hiccapop Hanging Nursery Organizer and Baby Diaper Caddy

What We Like About It:

For starters, this hanging caddy is made from some of the top quality material out there – arguably some of the best material among its peers.

If you’re short on space to allocate to a diaper caddy, this can be the perfect option for you – just use the hooks to have it hang from the wall, and voila! And don’t worry about it slipping from the wall when loaded with items, as the support hooks are strong enough to keep it in place.

If you’d rather have it hang from your baby’s crib or changing table, then you can also do that. It comes with hooks and straps for versatility, so you’ve got plenty of choices.

If you want to attach it to your baby’s crib or changing table instead, it’s just a matter of working a strap and a buckle, and you’re all set. Some parents prefer this to having it hang from the wall, as they feel it’s sturdier that way – but you should be fine either way.

If you’ve had some bad experiences with hanging diaper caddies before – ones which couldn’t stand under the pressure of the weight they’re carrying – you’ll be glad to know that this is one of the sturdiest hanging caddies on the market today. (You’ll still need to stick to the weight limit and not go over it, of course – or else even the sturdiest option out there will fall out of place).

What You Should Be Aware Of:

Be sure to take measurements for anything you plan to wrap this caddy around to double check whether or not the two are a good fit for one another. Whether it’s your crib or changing table, the straps aren’t always long enough (nor are they adjustable) to wrap properly around all cribs and changing tables equally.

It would have been nice to have a hole at the back of the top middle shelf (where a wipe warmer is designed to sit) so the cord can pass through there. This isn’t exactly a deal breaker, but you’ll just have to do with the cord hanging from the front.

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Munchkin Diaper Duty Organizer

What We Like About It:

If you’re looking to get something to specifically place on a tabletop as part of your go-to diaper changing station, then this is an excellent option to consider. It makes a great diaper depot as well.

It’s also perfect for compatibility purposes if you already have and use the Munchkin wipe warmer or the OXO Tot wipe dispenser at home, as there’s a space on top specifically designed to accommodate either – but not both at the same time.

Use this to your advantage as an excellent choice to save up on space around the house if you already have several products from the Munchkin brand.

It also looks great along other Munchkin brand items as well – ones that have a very similar look and feel to them – which is always a plus!

What You Should Be Aware Of:

This is best used only as part of a fixed changing station.

It’s not the best option out there for you to use if you’re planning on moving it around the house from one room to another, as it can get damaged quite easily if you do this frequently, and it’s not the easiest to life up and move around in the first place either.

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Ubbi Diaper Caddy Storage

What We Like About It:

From the makers of the ever so famous Ubbi diaper pail, this is a combination of 3 products all in 1 – the Ubbi caddy, a wipes dispenser, and a changing mat.

As far as design goes, it’s hard to find something that looks more beautiful and easy on the eye than this.

For those of you who already have this diaper pail in your baby’s nursery, you might find that this makes a perfect addition as far as décor is concerned. Or, if you know someone who uses the Ubbi pail over at their house and loves it, this might make the perfect baby shower gift the next time they’re expecting!

What You Should Be Aware Of:

If you’re looking for something particularly spacious, we’d say you’re better off considering another option that’s designed to hold more items, as the Ubbi diaper caddy isn’t among the most spacious on the market today.

On the other hand, if you’re only looking for something that can hold some diapers, wipes and only a select few other absolute essentials in the drawer, then this could be an excellent option for you.

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BirthWeek Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

What We Like About It:

Do you choose to cloth diaper? Who says you can’t join in on all the fun as well?! There’s an option out there for everybody, not just parents who choose to use disposables!

This diaper nursery storage bin is spacious enough to meet all your cloth diapering needs, with enough room in there for you to comfortably pack around 10 changes worth of cloth diaper inserts and covers – all while keeping plenty of space for other baby items, essentials and non-essentials alike.

For those of you looking for something large and roomy (which will almost always be the case if you’re choosing cloth over disposables), this option should definitely be on your list of considerations. With measurments of 16L x 11W x 7H inches, it’s one of the largest caddies out there.

Also, and if you’re creative enough, there’s tons of other uses you can put this bag to besides being a diaper nursery storage.

For instance, if you’re going for a quick trip outside the house to shop for just a few items, this is all you need to get in and out of there as quickly as possible and keep everything you’ve just bought perfectly organized till you get back home.

Speaking of which, there’s two velcro dividers which you can adjust (or remove altogether) to keep you in control of compartment room at different times. So, if you’re looking for something multi-functional, this one could be just what you need.

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3 Sprouts Storage Caddy and Organizer

What We Like About It:

If you’re going for that super cuteness factor, it’s difficult to something that tops these caddies from 3 Sprouts.

Choose between something that has a beaver design on the front, mouse, iguana, oul, snail or walrus – depending on which animal is your favorite! Believe it or not, baby items with such cute themes aren’t that easy to find these days.

It’s an excellent addition to households loyal to the 3 Sprouts brand and their products, such as their (also super cute) laundry and toy basket. This is especially something you’ll want to take into consideration for your nursery’s decor.

It also has awesome handle that’s wide enough to carry around comfortably – something very important to look for in totes in general.

If you’re not looking for something for yourself, but rather for somebody else, it can also be given as a lovely gift and used for stuff other than changing diapers. Ever thought of gifting it to someone as a book carrier? Try it, a book worm will surely love you for it!

What You Should Be Aware Of:

It tends to be a little bit on the small side, so be sure you know what you’re getting first by reading the manufacturer’s stated measurements and description.

However, this isn’t always a bad thing. In many cases where you don’t need (or want) all that extra space that other caddies offer, this is exactly what you should get.

You never know, you might just decide to turn this into a super cute toy storage bag, and you certainly don’t need much extra space for that.

Another thing to note is that it won’t stand on its own unless there’s enough items and weight inside, or unless you have it properly placed against something else for support.

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What Exactly is a Diaper Caddy – and Why Do I Need One?

A diaper caddy is a little bit like the cleaning caddy that you might use to make household chores easier, except that it’s specifically designed for that all-important job of cleaning your baby after a diaper change.

Most caddies are essentially a storage box or open-topped bag with handles and several compartments inside. It’s basically a storage bin for changing your little one’s diapers.

They’re designed to keep everything organized and easily to hand, which is pretty crucial during a diaper change. If you’ve been through diaper changes before, you know this for a fact, and if you haven’t had the joy of doing one yet – perhaps you’re putting together a list of essential registry items for now? Don’t say we didn’t tell you so!

You can’t just stop halfway through and take a few seconds to go running around the house to find those diaper wipes you suddenly need!

Speaking of baby wipes, we’ll talk about what you might want to keep in your diaper caddy later – so, more on this in just a few.

Can’t I Just Use Any Box or Diaper Bag I Have At Home?

You might think that just about any big box you could get access to could do the same job as a diaper caddy, but this isn’t very true.

If you were to give that a try, you’ll likely find that everything ends up in a huge mess and that bottles of lotion or jars of cream easily fall over and even leak.

The last thing you want during a change is to discover that you only have one diaper left and that it’s covered in lotion! (You can read more about this in our guide on how to change a baby’s diaper here).

Some parents do prefer to go the DIY route with a box, though, and there’s certainly nothing wrong in doing that if you have enough time to dedicate to the project and you do everything properly from start to finish.

The other alternative is to simply use a diaper tote bag, which could work fine if you have a large bag or don’t mind going through the trouble of re-filling it very frequently. Most baby bags for moms are designed to hold a small handful of diapers for a few hours out of the house, and not enough diapers for 24 hours or more of changes.

What are the Benefits of Using a Diaper Caddy?

If you’re still on the fence about adding one of these (or multiple ones) to the rest of baby-related purchases you’ve made so far, then this list of benefits might change your mind.

Change Your Baby Anywhere in the House

You might already have a beautiful changing station set up in your nursery, but there’ll be times when you want to perform a quick diaper change without having to take your baby upstairs.

If you’re just getting ready to go out and realize that your baby could do with a fresh diaper, it’s going to be much faster (and easier) to simply pop them down on the floor where you are.

With the right caddy, you don’t need to rush around the house searching for everything you need while you can’t seem to find it – you can simply change your baby wherever needed.

Store Everything You Need for a Diaper Change

Sure, having a simple box of diapers next to your changing station, a packet of baby wipes and some diaper bags might be enough for most changes, but what about the times where you realize that your baby is developing a touch of diaper rash and desperately needs some diaper cream applying?

Or, what about when they decide to bring up a little milk the moment you get the diaper off, and you don’t have anything to easily clean it up with?

A diaper caddy lets you keep everything you might need close to hand. We’re not just talking about items such as diapers, wipes, and bags, but also lotions and creams, burp cloths, or even a toy to distract them with and get them to stop crying during a diaper change.

Use it to Organize Your Baby’s Grooming Supplies

Whether you bought a pre-made grooming kit for your baby or picked up individual bits and pieces and put together your own grooming it, you want somewhere sensible to keep these items so they’re within easy reach when you need them.

In other words, no more hunting for those elusive baby nail clippers!

A diaper caddy is a great place to keep grooming supplies, so that you can easily find them whenever you need them, and so you can keep them safe from little hands.

No More Diapers (and Supplies) Scattered Everywhere

Once you have a baby, keeping your house tidy and organized might well seem like a thing of the past!

If you’re not bothered about a bit of clutter, that may not be your most pressing problem at the moment – but many parents find it frustrating to have burp cloths, diapers, packs of wipes, pacifiers and everything else in between scattered all over the nursery floor, or even all over the house.

One big advantage of having a caddy to use is that it keeps everything neatly stored in one place and gives you that little bit of extra help in keeping your house tidy and de-cluttered.

When Should I Buy a Diaper Caddy?

A diaper caddy will be useful to you throughout the whole of your little one’s diaper wearing years, so you may as well buy one as early on as possible.

This is definitely something you’ll find comes in handy from your earliest days home from the hospital, when you’re sleep deprived and probably a bit overwhelmed with everything going on.

Having everything neatly organized and ready to go right from the get-go will make those first few diaper changes so much easier.

As for when to give it up, there’s no point at which you’ll need to stop using a diaper caddy. Obviously, once your little one is out of diapers, you won’t need it for changes anymore – but you might still find it a great place to keep things like wipes, lotions, grooming supplies, and so on.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Diaper Caddy?

There are loads of different diaper caddies out there for you to choose from, ranging from large caddies that look a bit like desktop organizers, to ones that hang, and caddies that are more like large open-topped bags.

Before you even begin to consider what type you should choose or which is best for you, here are some key features you need to look for in any caddy you consider buying.

Enough Room Inside for at Least Six Diapers

There’s nothing more annoying than grabbing your caddy and thinking you’re all ready for a diaper change, only to discover that you’re out of diapers.

To avoid finding yourself in a similar “Great, now what do I do?” situation, you want to choose a caddy that will hold at least six diapers (and probably more) so that you don’t have to constantly refill it.

If you have twins or multiples, you’ll probably want to keep at least a dozen nappies to hand.

For those of you who use cloth diapers, you’ll find they’re bulkier than disposables, so you’ll want a caddy that has plenty of extra room inside to accommodate.

Suitable for the Amount of Space You Have Available

Whatever type of caddy you opt for, you’ll need it to fit into the space that you actually have available in your house.

If your nursery is already a bit cramped, adding a huge tabletop caddy to the mix might not be the best idea.

The good news is that there are lots of different types of diaper caddies out there for you to choose from (including ones that you can hang on your baby changing station, crib or even wall, as well as fairly compact ones for easy carrying around), so do find something that’s suitable for the amount of space you have available.

Easy to Keep Clean

While the only diapers that actually come into contact with your diaper caddy are (hopefully!) clean ones, you’ll still need to clean the caddy once in a while.

Lotions and creams do sometimes spill, and – let’s face it – diaper changes can get pretty messy. If anything particularly disgusting ends up smeared on your diaper caddy, you’ll want to be able to give it a thorough clean without losing your sanity!

You’ll either want to opt for a caddy that’s wipe-clean or that can go through the washing machine. Anything that has to be sponge-cleaned is probably going to be far too much effort for any parent to deal with.

If it’s not easy to clean, you’ll grow to hate using it soon enough.

Sturdy and Durable

Your diaper caddy is likely to come in for a lot of use over the years, so you want to pick something that isn’t going to wear out after only a couple of months.

This is especially important if you’re going for a portable diaper caddy, as you’ll want to get one with a strong handle. Whatever type of caddy you choose, you’ll need one that has storage compartments that aren’t going to rip or break easily.

Several Compartments or Sections

You’ll want your diaper caddy to have several compartments or sections so that you can keep things separate and organized. You don’t want your nappies falling all over the place or your cotton swabs ending up lost at the bottom.

Obviously, there’s a balance to be struck here, so don’t over-do it. A diaper caddy with loads of sections might end up being a bit too complicated to use, especially if each section doesn’t actually hold much.


Are you looking for a diaper caddy that you’re specifically going to use for your baby girl, or one you’re specifically going to use for your baby boy?

Or, perhaps you prefer to get a gender neutral diaper caddy instead that you can use for both a boy and girl?

This is worth looking into before you purchase a caddy and organizer, so you’ll have no regrets later on.

What Types of Diaper Caddies Are There?

Diaper caddies come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, but – most importantly – there are three main types you can choose from.

Tabletop Organizers

Some diaper caddies on the market are quite large tabletop organizers, with space in there for about 20 or so nappies, plus lots of smaller compartments to store other things like lotion bottles.

They may even have a flat top so you can keep a pack of wipes on top, or even a whole wipe warmer if that’s your thing!

This type of caddy is great if you’re confident that you’ll be doing most diaper changes at your changing table, or if you’re happy to purchase a separate smaller caddy for use elsewhere in the house. You can very easily see when stocks of anything are running low, and you’ll have absolutely everything you could possibly need to hand.

They help you keep your changing station neat and organized, and they could be particularly helpful if you have grandparents or babysitters taking care of your baby in your home, as they’ll be able to easily see where everything is kept.

With that being said, the main drawback with this type of caddy is that it really isn’t portable.

Obviously, you could take everything out and move it to a different room if you decided you wanted to set up your changing table elsewhere, but you can’t simply grab the whole thing and carry it downstairs for a quick diaper change – that’s not how it works!

There are also limited options available, so you might feel that none of them work with your nursery décor as a whole.

Hanging Organizers

Sometimes described as “nursery organizers”, hanging diaper caddies are designed to fit on your crib, changing table, or even a play yard.

There are various types available that you can choose from, but most will have a number of different compartments to hold everything you need – normally with a flat shelf near the top for a pack of wipes or even a wipe warmer. Some of these even have straps to hold things like lotion bottles in place.

These caddies are a great option if you happen to have limited space for one, as you don’t need an extra table or flat surface to place them on.

As for portability, they’re not designed to be carried around frequently, and some will need to be unstrapped to be moved, but you could certainly transfer them from your crib to a playard for going on vacation.

Some parents find that certain models are a bit fragile, that they’re fiddly to fit or don’t feel particularly secure.

Lots of other parents love hanging diaper organizers and swear by them, though – so if this type of diaper caddy sounds like a good fit for your nursery, you might want to give it a try.

Portable Organizers

The majority of diaper caddies are portable ones – they look like a basket or large flat-bottomed bag with (normally) several compartments for all your bits and pieces.

If you want to be able to simply pick up your caddy and take it with you, either simply to a different room or on a day trip or vacation, then these are ideal.

There are a lot of different styles of portable diaper caddies available for you to choose from, so you can easily find something that looks good and that you’re happy to have on show in any room.

As well as having internal storage compartments, some have small outer pockets on the outside, which is perfect for any little bits and pieces (like your baby’s pacifier) that you want to store safely.

Not all of these caddies have internal compartments, though, and some can be made of quite wobbly material – so do check product descriptions and product reviews carefully before deciding what to buy.

How Many Diaper Caddies Should I Buy?

Many parents get by with a single diaper caddy for the most part, though for maximum ease of diaper changing, you’ll probably find it works best to have two at your disposal.

For maximum convenience, you’ll need a stationary one that stays in the nursery (either on the changing table or hanging within easy reach) and a portable one that you keep downstairs.

If you’re not sure whether you need more than one diaper caddy at the moment, you could start off by buying a simple portable one and keeping it by the changing table, and see how you get on.

Keep in mind that these products are relatively inexpensive, though, so you might decide to get set up with two in place right from the start. It’s completely up to you!

Wrapping it Up

Diaper caddies are one of those things you might not really have given much thought before having a baby – but soon after that first little one comes back home with you from the hospital, you’ll realize how valuable they are.

They can make life so much easier for you, and as a parent, that’s the name of the game. Anything that helps out with that seemingly endless to-do list of yours, or at least helps make those chores easier and less time-consuming, is definitely worth considering.

With a little one to take care of, or multiple little munchkins all at once, most parents need all the help they can get with this. Been there, done that, so take it from me!

Whether you want a permanent caddy that stays in your nursery or a portable one that you can use all around the home, you’ll be able to keep everything in one place and grab whatever you need when you need it most.

Diaper caddies also help keep your home tidy and organized well after your little ones are out of diapers, so it’s a smart investment to make for the long run as well!

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