Mom holding baby in the pool, with baby wearing swim diapers

Best Swim Diapers for Babies in 2020: Comfortable & Lightweight!

You’re taking your baby to the pool and beach for the first time ever, and you’ve got a cute little swimming outfit all ready for them to put on and turn heads around! But wait – have you thought about what’s going underneath it?

Nowadays, almost every pool you could go to will insist that your child wears a swim diaper. If that sounds like the most annoying thing on earth to you, hold your horses – they have a point!

There’s a very good reason for this: while a bit of baby pee in the pool is inevitable, management definitely doesn’t want to close the entire pool while they fish out any other “surprises” your baby might produce! A swim diaper keeps any poo safely contained until you get out of the water and change your little one.

Mom holding baby in the pool, with baby wearing swim diapers

Nowadays, there are lots of different swim diapers available for you to choose between, ranging from disposable ones that you simply throw away after swimming to reusable ones that you can pop on your child again and again – until all that wear and tear eventually gets to them.

One thing’s for sure, though – whatever your preferences, there’ll be something out there to suit both you and your little one.

Best Swim Diapers for Babies – a Quick Look at Our Top 9 Recommendations

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Best Swim Diapers for Babies – a More Detailed Look at Our Top 9 Recommendations

You now know all the important information there is to know about how swim diapers work to you and your little one’s advantage, as well as what you should look for in swim diapers before buying them.

Now, let’s have a more detailed look at some of the best swim diapers for babies of today.

Nageuret Reusable Swim Diaper

With its cute, gender-neutral design of fishes, this adjustable swim diaper might be the only one you ever need to buy for your little one.

It’s suitable from about 3 months of age and up to 3 years, so it should take you all the way from your baby’s first swim right up to potty training.

The diaper has two layers: a mesh inner layer that’s easy to clean, and a polyester outer layer. Like most swim diapers, it’s not absorbent (otherwise it’d just soak up the swimming pool water) – but it does a good job at keeping any poop safely inside.

The manufacturer has provided detailed instructions and photos on how to fasten the diaper for different aged kids, which takes most (if not all) of the guesswork out of the equation for you.

This comes in very handy if you’re used to single-size diapers throughout your parenting journey so far.

With its attractive design, you could simply pop your little one in the diaper alone to swim – though if you’re outside, you might want to cover them up with an extra layer or two.


  • Well-fitting swim diaper that does its job and keeps any poop safely contained.
  • A much more affordable choice than repeatedly buying swim diapers, if you take your little one for swims frequently.
  • Easy to wash, with clear instructions on what to do for best results.
  • Adjustable to fit babies of very different sizes – it can grow with your child.
  • Small, family-owned company that offers great service, including a “better than money back” guarantee.


  • Some people might find that the snaps can be a bit difficult to fasten correctly, and that they sometimes press uncomfortably on your baby.
  • Best for younger babies and small toddlers – unlikely to fit an average-sized three-year-old.

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i play. Girls’ Baby Snap Reusable Swimsuit Diaper

Available in multiple different cute designs for you to choose from, depending on which your little one shows the most enthusiasm for, this swim diaper is cute enough to wear on its own.

It comes in a range of sizes to suit different needs, so you can get one that’s just right for your baby. You can even buy co-ordinating swim shirts, too.

It has three layers to it, with an absorbent layer on the inside to prevent any wet accidents outside the pool. Most swim diapers aren’t absorbent – so if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in and out of the water, this is definitely a diaper worth considering.

The diaper is especially designed to be as comfortable as possible for your little one, with soft material and a liner that sucks away moisture to prevent diaper rash – while still being lightweight enough and giving your child the freedom to move around easily.

The “i play” brand is owned by a mother-daughter team that focuses on eco-friendly and natural baby products.


  • Absorbent inner layer means this diaper works outside the pool, too.
  • Quickly wicks moisture away from your baby’s skin to help prevent diaper rash.
  • Lots of different designs to choose from, all of which would look fine without anything else over the top.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes so you can get one that fits your little one easily.
  • Offers UPF 50+ protection against ultraviolet radiation.
  • Easy to clean – just rinse and wash.


  • Only has snaps on one side of the diaper, which means it can be a bit difficult to remove for some people.
  • You may find the sizes run slightly small – so, you may need to consider going up a size based on your little one’s usual diapers.

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Babyganics Swim Pants

These disposable swim diapers are a handy option if you don’t want to carry a wet (or worse, dirty) swim diaper home with you.

They’re a fairly eco-friendly option for disposable diapers as well, and they don’t have all the chemicals that you get with some large diaper brands nowadays.

They also offer suitable UPF protection, helping protect your little one’s skin from the sun.

They’re also cleverly designed to change color after both “initial” and then “prolonged” sun exposure, which serves as a helpful reminder that it’s time for you to reapply sunscreen on to your little one’s skin.

You can also count on them not to swell up in the water, and you might be surprised that they’re quite thin. With that being said, they should still prove effective – and they’ll be easy for your little one to move around in.

Like other brands of disposable swim diapers, they’re not very absorbent at all, so you won’t want to leave your little one running around in their swim diaper when outside the pool, or you might suddenly find that there’s pee everywhere!


  • Eco-friendly disposable option – great if you don’t want to carry reusable diapers around with you.
  • Easy to tear off at the sides once used (handy if you need to clean your little one’s bottom).
  • Color-changing feature helps you remember to reapply sunscreen after prolonged sun exposure.
  • Designed to be comfortable and easy for your little one to move around in.


  • Side panels aren’t very stretchy, which means they may not fit snugly on some babies.
  • These might be a bit larger than you’d expect – which means that you may want to consider going down a size versus your baby’s usual diaper size.

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ALVABABY Swim Diapers

These swim diapers come in a pack of two – very handy if you know that you’ll be going on frequent trips to the pool or beach with your baby, as you can use the second one while the first is still waiting to be washed.

Not everyone can do laundry so often, and that’s completely fine! I know I can’t keep up with it all at times.

Also, if you’re looking for budget-friendly and eco-friendly swim diapers at the same time, then these could be just what you need.

They’re a surprisingly good price for reusable swim diapers, and they’re adjustable, which means that you can use them from your baby’s first swim, up until they’re about two years of age.

There are a bunch of different designs available for you to choose from as well.

Some are less expensive than others, so if you’re budgeting tightly, you’ll probably want to do some searching around and opt for the lower-priced designs.

One thing’s for sure, though: all the designs are bright and fun! Some of the designs are fairly gender-neutral, while others are more geared toward either boys or girls, so there’s something for everyone out there, no matter what it is you’re looking for.


  • Great value swim diapers – you could easily pay this much for a single diaper elsewhere.
  • Two diapers provided (in two different designs) per pack.
  • Adjustable snaps, so the diapers can still be of excellent use as babies grow.
  • Fit snugly around the legs to hold in any poop your baby produces.
  • Durable and long-lasting, even with repeated washing.
  • Cute patterns – these would work fine on their own as swim bottoms.


  • Not the best option if you have a chubby one-year-old, or an average-sized two-year-old (there is a larger size available, though).
  • Sometimes, the inside part of the snaps might feel uncomfortable against your little one’s skin.

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Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swim Diapers

These disposable swim diapers, from popular brand Huggies, are one of the most popular disposable brands you’ll likely come across.

They’re easy to use – just pull them onto your child’s legs, then tear them off at the sides once they’ve been swimming, and they should be all good to go.

The ones listed here come in three different sizes (small, medium, and large), so you can pick whichever fits your little one best.

You can also opt to buy them along with a travel wipe dispenser – handy for changing your little one at the pool, and quite a good value way to get the dispenser, if you need one.

They won’t swell up in the water, because they’re not absorbent – so they won’t weigh your little one down.

They’re sized pretty much how you’d expect, which is a lovely breath of fresh air – considering how many swim diapers out there nowadays are either on the shorter side than what you’d expect, or on the larger side.

So, you can simply go by your little one’s regular diaper size when picking which pack to buy, taking the guess work out of the equation for you!


  • Good value, especially if you’re also in need of a wipe dispenser.
  • Well known and popular brand that provides consistent quality.
  • Easy option if you don’t want to carry around a reusable wet (or soiled) swim diaper.
  • Won’t swell up like a regular diaper, so can be worn beneath a swim suit.


  • You can’t adjust the sides of the diaper, (though they are quite stretchy) – it works like a pull-up.
  • Not a particularly eco-friendly option.

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Pampers Splashers Diaper

Just like the Huggies swim diapers, these disposable Pampers diapers work like pull-ups. You simply pop them around your child’s ankles and pull them up, then remove them by tearing the stretchy sides.

This diaper holds poo in effectively but – as with most swim diapers – it’s not designed to absorb much pee, so keep that in mind when using it.

There are various sizes available (this listing is for size 3-4), so be sure to check those out as well if your child has different sizing needs.

Because of their stretchy sides, you should be able to use them for a good few months before you’ll need to get new ones, so it won’t really matter if you don’t take your kid for a dip in the poop on a super-regular basis.

Since they’re lightweight and thin, you can easily fit swim trunks or a swim suit over the top (and you’ll probably want to do that), as a disposable diaper alone would look a bit odd on your kid in the pool.

Some swimming pools require “double diapering” with a disposable diaper beneath a reusuable outer shell, and these should be thin enough for you to do that with no problems whatsoever.


  • Popular and well-known brand – so you can expect these to be good quality, and can expect good customer service.
  • Quick and easy option if you don’t want to be carrying around wet (or soiled) reusable diapers.
  • Easy to pull up around your child’s legs.
  • Sized so that you can use one pack across several months. The stretchy sides mean they should fit your little one for a while.


  • Diapers are scented. This could be a potential problem if you or your kid dislike the smell, if your kid is allergic to any chemicals in that went into making this swim diaper, or if you just find that odd for a swim diaper in general.
  • Not exactly the most affordable disposable swim diapers, you might be able to find other cheaper alternatives.

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MooMoo Baby Swim Diapers

These reusable swim diapers come in a two pack, with several different choices of design. Each two-pack will have two different designs.

They’re adjustable, but you’ll still need to pick the appropriate size for your little one. They come in small, medium, large, and extra-large options.

They’re made with three different layers, with an absorbent inner layer to help prevent pee leaking out if your little one happens to not be able to contain themselves outside the pool. Even in that case, though, you can’t expect this to absorb pee for long period of time.

They’re good value for swim diapers, and the two-pack means that you easily take your child swimming on several days in a row, or switch them to a clean diaper if they do a poo soon after entering the pool.

That way, you won’t have to give up on swimming entirely and call it quits just because of an accident!

Unlike many reusable diapers, which use snaps to fasten, these close with Velcro. This means that you can adjust them to exactly the right size for your little one.

There’s also a tie-string to help hold the Velcro firmly in place, in case you’re worried about it coming unfastened.


  • Velcro fastening is more like a “regular” diaper. In other words, there are no fiddly snaps here that could press uncomfortably into your child’s legs.
  • Several different cute designs to choose from. Many of these would look great even if on their own.
  • Good quality and long lasting materials that will continue to work well for many swims to come.
  • Easy to adjust so that you can achieve a perfect fit for your child without being uncomfortable.


  • You’ll want to take them off carefully, as they might hold in more water than some of the other baby swimming diapers on this list.

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i play. Boys Pocket Trunks with Reusable Swim Diaper

These clever trunks have an integrated swim diaper. This makes it an ideal option for little boys who are potty trained and who don’t want to wear a “baby” diaper, but who might still have the occasional accident every now and then.

They come in sizes from 6 months plus, so they’re also a good option if you want to pop your baby into a single diaper-and-trunks combo rather than wrestling them into two (or more) separate items.

The diaper part is designed to be thin and light so your child can still swim easily while wearing them.

This is a huge plus when compared to other swim diapers on the market these days that limit your baby’s mobility, which makes for a terrible experience overall, both inside the water and outside.

It’ll do its job and hold in any poo without leakage, too!

The trunks are durable and can be washed multiple times without any fading or other issues to worry about.

The designs are both fun and attractive, without being too “babyish” for older toddlers and preschoolers – and the little pocket on the side is bound to be a hit.


  • Less “babyish” option for older toddlers and preschoolers who still need a swim diaper.
  • If your swim class requires double-diapering, you can fit a disposable under these and pop them over the top.
  • Lots of different designs available to choose from.
  • Made by a mother-daughter owned small brand with an emphasis on natural materials and low environmental impact.


  • Might be a bit on the small side – in which case you might need to go up a size, even if your little one isn’t particularly chubby.
  • Take them off carefully, as they might be holding a lot of water.

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i play. Two-piece Tankini with Snap Reusable Swimsuit Diaper

These cute two-pieces are ideal for little girls who still need a swim diaper, as many swim classes require this until the age of four years.

They come in a range of different designs and styles, and the bottoms have snap fastenings. All in all, this is great if you need to get it off in a hurry for your little girl to use the bathroom.

Inside the diaper part, there are special layers designed to quickly move pee away from your little girl’s skin and absorb it, which aims to reduce the risk of diaper rash.

As with all swim diapers, though, don’t expect this to hold much pee when out of the pool.

The colors are bright and cheerful, and should stand up well to washing.

Keep in mind that the diaper is an integral part of the bottoms – you can’t switch it out, so if you have a baby or young toddler, you may well want to purchase two of these tankinis so you don’t have to stop swimming altogether if your little one does a poo.


  • Great option for older toddler and preschoolers who are potty trained but still need to wear a swim diaper.
  • Lots of very cute designs with nice detailing.
  • Snaps at the side of the pants make it easy to pop them off in a hurry – great for encouraging your little one to use the bathroom when they need to.
  • Tightly fitted at the legs to contain any accidents that occur.


  • Some complaints that the bottom is quite tightly sized compared with the top.
  • Not the cheapest option out there, especially if you already have a swim suit that you’d be happy to have your child wear.

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What Are Swim Diapers?

Swim diapers are special diapers that are specifically designed to be worn by a baby or small child in a swimming pool.

For those of you wondering what’s so different between swim diapers and ordinary diapers – there’s a whole lot!

In most cases, ordinary diapers are not absorbent – nowhere near as absorbent as you’d need them to be in the context of bodies of water, at least.

A regular diaper would be pretty useless in a swimming pool, as it’d instantly fill up with water. So, instead of absorbing your little one’s pee, the diaper lets it out into the water instead. (Okay, it’s a bit disgusting to think about all of this, but that’s exactly why that water is treated with chlorine!).

On the other hand, swim diapers are specifically designed to contain any poo in these situations. It fits snugly around the legs and waist (just like a regular diaper would) so that if your baby does do a poo-poo in the pool, the mess will be contained in the diaper rather than floating around the pool. (Imagine just how awkward the latter would be for everyone?).

Regular diapers aren’t designed to be used in water, as they’ll quickly swell up and quite possibly fall off. It’s also very unlikely that a pool will allow you to take your child in with a regular diaper on, anyways – due to the rules and regulations they’ll likely have in place for everyone to follow.

Why Should My Baby Use Swim Diapers?

Baby swim underwear tends to be quite pricey compared to regular diapers, so you might be tempted to try using a standard diaper instead. Or, you might think to yourself that surely it’ll be fine to go in the pool with your child not even diapered to begin with!

In reality, though, the former won’t work – and you shouldn’t even think about doing the latter!

There’s lots of key benefits to using swim diapers that you’ll want to strongly consider.

They May Be a Requirement

If you want to swim at a public pool of any sort, you’re almost certainly going to be required to put your baby or toddler in a swim diaper. In fact, most pools nowadays ask you to do this with any children who aren’t yet potty trained.

In practice, many parents continue to pop swim diapers onto toddlers who are successful potty trained, just in case of an accident. You can never be too sure about this, and now isn’t exactly the right time to take chances, am I right or am I right?

If the choice is to put your child in a swim diaper or not being able to swim at all, then you’re almost certainly going to opt for the swim diaper!

Giving You Peace of Mind

Alright, maybe your three-year-old has been reliably using the potty for months on end now, and you’re certain that you’ll spot the signs if they’re about to do a poo – but why spend your whole time in the pool worrying about an accident?

I don’t know about you, but stressing over this and constantly thinking “did they do it yet? Did it happen? Are we still fine?” doesn’t sound like a fun time to me!

Popping your child in a swim diaper, even if you’re 99% sure they don’t need it at this point in their life, means that you can relax and actually enjoy the time you’re spending with them – all while knowing that if an accident does happen, it’ll be contained by their swim diaper.

More Comfortable for Your Child

Even if you’re having some water fun in your own pool at home or taking your little one to a swim at the beach, it’s still not a good idea to put your baby in a regular diaper.

It’ll quickly fill up with water – which won’t be comfortable for them at all – and could put them off swimming altogether. It could result in a messy accident, one I’m pretty sure you have zero interest in dealing with!

Won’t Fall Apart

If a regular diaper gets all soaked up because of water, it could potentially break or burst – meaning that the pool could very well end up with diaper gel or beads floating in it.

This could mean you’re in for a very expensive clean-up operation.

Since swim diapers for the pool aren’t absorbent (and are especially designed to use in water), you don’t have to worry about them coming apart or disintegrating in any way. After all, this is exactly what they were made for!

Lots of Types Available

If you prefer not to use disposable diapers, it’s no problem at all – there are lots of reusable swim diapers available on the market, ones you can use again and again until you need to buy a replacement because of wear and tear.

Some swimming costumes designed for babies include an integral swim diaper, too.

When Should My Baby Start – and Stop – Using Swim Diapers?

Generally speaking, you should be good to have your little one in swim diapers from the first time you take them swimming – which could be when they’re just a few months old.

Keep in mind that swim diapers are not designed to be used by newborns or very young babies, though, since their poos tend to be rather liquid in nature. So, if your baby is still very young, hold off on swimming for a little longer until they’re old enough for it.

There’s no hard and fast rule to follow about when to stop using swim diapers, either.

Obviously enough, you should continue using them until your child is reliably potty trained and you’re sure it’s been a long time now since they’ve had any blunders in that area, but you might want to keep using them a little longer just to be absolutely confident that your child won’t have an accident in the pool.

Some pools have a policy on swim diapers that state your child should wear them until a certain age. In most cases, any children who are three years old or younger need to wear swim diapers, regardless of whether they’ve been potty trained or not. So, you may need to stick to pool rules on this.

If your child is old enough to understand, do explain to them that they should tell you if they need to use the toilet while they’re in the pool (whether that’s for a pee or for a poo) – that way, they can get used to getting out of the pool and using the toilet whenever they need to. You don’t want them to carry on peeing in the pool for years to come!

Ultimately, once you’re confident enough that your child won’t have an accident in the pool and they’re old enough for pool rules, you can ditch the swim diapers – but most parents continue to use them for at least a few months after toilet training, just in case.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Swim Diaper?

There’s plenty of different types of swim diapers out there for you to pick and choose from (we’ll take a look at some of the key varieties in just a moment) – but what is it exactly you should look for when deciding which to pick for your child?

Comfortable to Wear

One key factor to consider – possibly the most important of them all (as is the case with just about any diaper for any objective) – is how comfortable the diaper will be for your child.

If a diaper chafes around their legs or is too tight around their waist, it’s not going to make for a comfortable swimming experience for them.

You may want to try out a couple of different types first to make sure your child seems comfortable in them, or you might want to ask other parents in your circle of friends or family who have been through this phase before about which swim diapers worked best for them at the time.

You can also take a look at online reviews to gauge how comfy (or not) a particular diaper is likely to be, based on what other parents have to say about this.

Can Be Easily Put On

When you’re trying to get yourself and your little one changed, you definitely don’t want to be struggling for ages to fasten a diaper around them.

Many swim diapers are designed to “pull up” onto your child, so that you don’t have to lie them down to fasten the diaper around them. This is often easier in a changing room situation, even if you use regular diapers rather than pull-ups at home.

Not Very Obvious

Some swim diapers are bulky and will show over the top of your child’s swim trunks or around the legs of their swimming costume. On the other hand, other swim diapers (particularly disposable ones) are fairly thin and discrete.

Depending on the age of your child, you may or may not want their swim diaper to be obvious.

If you’re taking a baby into the pool, you might want the diaper to be fairly visible so that you don’t get stopped by lifeguards who think you’ve not put your little one in a diaper, or harassed by other parents who are always happy to jump to conclusions.

On the other hand, if your child is three or four years old, you may want a swim diaper that’s as unobtrusive as possible – especially if they feel embarrassed about wearing one.


You could buy a cute, comfy swim diaper for your little one, and we’re all for doing that – but it could turn out to be completely useless because it doesn’t actually do its job!

You need to ensure you’re getting a swim diaper that’s super effective.

In short, any swim diaper you buy should stay in place however much splashing or wriggling your child does, and – if the worst happens – it should hold in any poo until you can get your child out of the pool and into the changing room.

Not a High Cost Per Use

While reusable swim diapers can be pretty pricey, especially if you’re going through them quickly, they could be well worth the money if you’re going to take your kid swimming regularly.

Before deciding where to go with this, it’s worth thinking about how often you’re likely to want to take your little one for some water fun.

Are you going to take your child to a weekly parent-and-baby session? Or are you only going to take them for a swim once every couple of months?

If you’ll only want to use a swim diaper occasionally, disposables are probably going to be a more cost effective choice for you – but if you’ll be taking them for a swim on a weekly basis, sometimes even multiple times a week, then you might well find that reusable cloth swim diapers are best.

What Different Types of Swim Diapers Can I Choose From for My Baby?

The key types of swim diapers you’ll likely come across when looking around on the market are:

Disposable Swim Diapers

This type of swim diaper is often sold at swimming pools – so if you’ve forgotten to bring a swim diaper along with you when packing and before heading out of the house, it may well be your only choice.

Disposable swim diapers are very convenient, and you can simply throw them away after use – meaning you won’t be carrying a wet (or worse, messy) diaper around with you.

They’re a fairly inexpensive option if you’ll only take your child swimming occasionally as well.

If you’re not too sure about how much your little one will enjoy swimming, you might want to try disposable swim diapers first, and then switch to using reusable swim diapers once you’ve given all of this some time and you know that they’re going to get plenty of use out of it.

Disposable swim diapers are normally designed to pull up, so you can stand your child upright and simply have them step into the diaper (if they’re old enough), or you can pull it carefully onto their legs while holding them.

Once they’ve finished swimming and are ready to call it a day, you don’t have to pull the swim diaper back down. Instead, you can lie your child on a changing mat and simply unfasten the sides of the swim diaper at the hips. That way, if your child has done a poo, you can clean it up as easily as possible.

The main drawback to disposable diapers is that you obviously can’t reuse them. Once you’ve used a disposable swim diaper once, you’ll need to throw it away.

If you normally use reusable diapers, then you might well prefer to use reusable swim diapers, too.

Some pools will require your child to wear a disposable diaper beneath a reusable one as well, so – in some cases – you may well find that you have to use them whether you want to or not.

Reusable Swim Diapers With Snaps or Velcro

Most reusable swim diapers nowadays have snaps or Velcro on either side (or both sides) so that you can easily fasten them around your child and – very crucially so – unfasten them again without having to pull them down. This makes for less mess if your child has pooped in there.

There’s a wide range of styles and designs of reusable diapers available for you to choose from, and there’s certainly no shortage of options out there – but you’ll find that most have an attractive, colorful outer layer and a soft inner lining.

You can wash most reusable swim diapers in your washing machine, but double check to make sure that you get washable swim diapers before you make a purchase – just in case. Reusable swim diapers should be line dried, though, as the heat of a dryer can damage them.

Some reusable swim diapers are designed with more than one row of snaps, so you can fasten them snugly when your baby is still young and loosen them as your baby gradually gets bigger.

The main drawback to reusable swim diapers is that they are quite pricey on the front end, as compared to a pack of disposables.

Obviously, you’ll hopefully be able to use them again and again for a long period of time before having to buy replacements – but if you’re not too sure about how often you’ll want to take your child for a swim, it might make more sense to opt for disposables as a start. You can always upgrade to reusables later on whenever you feel the need to!

Reusable Swim Diapers That Pull Down

Some reusable swim diapers pull up and down like underpants and don’t have any fastenings at the sides.

These might be fine if you’re using them with an older child just for peace of mind, but they could prove a bit tricky and messy if you’ve got a smaller child who does have an accident.

With a child who’s fully graduated from potty training, though, these could be great to encourage them to pee in the toilet (and not in the pool) – as they can be pulled up and down like pants.

It does need to be quite snug so that it contains the mess, though – which means that if your child is between sizes, you might be in for some difficulties. In such a case, you might find the smaller of two sizes is tight and uncomfortable for them, but the larger size isn’t very effective.

Swimming Costumes with Integrated Diapers

A final option is to purchase swim shorts or a swimming costume that has an integrated diaper.

These are available for both boys and girls, they come in all sorts of different styles for different preferences, and may be a great option if your child isn’t too keen on wearing a “baby” diaper at the pool.

These are also handy if your child hates being undressed and changed at the pool. They should speed the process up as you’re not trying to get your little one into a diaper and a swimming costume both at the same time – instead, you just have to worry about the costume itself.

The main drawback with most of these swimming costumes is that if your child does have an accident, they won’t be able to carry on swimming unless you’ve brought another clean spare costume for them to use.

So, swimming costumes are probably best if you’re only taking your child for a short dip, or if you’re happy to carry around a disposable diaper and a second clean costume as a spare (which may feel like it defeats the point a bit).

How Many Swim Diapers Should I Buy For My Baby?

With disposable diapers, you can simply buy a pack and then get another once you start running low on them.

Each time you take your little one for a swim, you should take at least one spare diaper with you. This way, if one of them tears as you’re getting it onto your child, or if your child decides to poop within minutes of getting into the pool, you won’t have to give up on swimming altogether and go back home.

If you’re opting for reusable swim diapers, you’ll probably want to have at least two (if possible). Again, it’s going to be disappointing for both you and your child if they soil their diaper and have to immediately call it quits, just because they don’t have a spare diaper they could put on and carry on with the fun they came for.

Considering that reusable diapers can be a little pricey on the front end, you might want to buy a reusable and take along a disposable diaper as a spare. If you don’t end up using it, that’s not a big deal – you can just take it along next time too.

Wrapping it Up

Swim diapers are an absolute essential if you’re going to the beach or pool with a child under three years of age.

You’ll want your child to be as comfortable as possible – and you’ll want to do your part for ensuring a pleasant and hygienic pool environment for everyone else just as well.

Some pools have strict rules and regulations in place that you should adhere to, or else they will charge you a fairly hefty fine if your undiapered child has an accident that calls for the pool to be temporarily closed, everyone getting out of it and having it completely cleaned.

Whether you prefer disposables or reusables, there’s loads of options out there for just about everyone’s needs and preferences – and whether you have a little four-month-old or a bigger three-year-old, you should be able to find something that works well in all cases!


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